Nurse Carry Bag Utility Pocket Pouch with Waist Belt


This Nurse Carry Pouch is a valuable aid for every Nurse and Teacher.

  • Nurse Carry Bag
  • Top quality durable Nurse / Medical / VET / Teacher/Physio Waist Pouch

    This  Professional Pouch is great for Nurses to carry the tools of the trade that you require for everyday use! The durable pouch will hold pens, pencils, scissors, IV tape, gloves, keys, money and handover sheets, even your iPhone ! 
  • Washable to meet infection control standards.


    • High Quality nurses waist pouch bag
    • Size: Approx 15cm x 20cm
    • Adjustable waist band, can be adjusted to 130cm
    • 5 compartments at the front and two at the back
    • Zipper pocket at the back for storing any valuables
    • Material: High Quality Waterproof polyester
    • Included is  1 FREE Caribiner
    • Colour: Orange Blossom





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